Netherleigh and Rossefield School




Welcome to the website of Netherleigh and Rossefield School.

When you have looked at everything I hope it will not only have answered any questions you may have had, but also encouraged you to come and see for yourself what makes us such a special school.

As a small school with small classes we are able to ensure that every child is treated as an individual, not only in their academic learning but also in their social and spiritual development.

The school has created a family atmosphere where everyone knows and looks after each other. We aim to instil resilience, compassion and a desire to return something to the community. These are important skills which make children capable of thriving in the future in their secondary school, place of work and the wider world.

Netherleigh and Rossefield SchoolI would like to invite you to visit the school at any time.

We do not hold Open Days, preferring our visitors to see the school on a normal working day.

Please telephone to make an appointment at a mutually convenient time.


Keeping children safe!No Parking

Please do not stop or park outside the school gates on the yellow lines - it is illegal.


The police have been asked to watch this area and WILL give tickets to people breaking the law. This is to keep your children safe.
Car registration numbers WILL be taken and given to the police.
There is adequate parking.
Thank you.


Please read some of the testimonials parents have written.

Mr R McIntosh.