Netherleigh and Rossefield School

Netherleigh And Rossefield About Us


The School’s Aims and Ethos

Netherleigh and Rossefield School aims to provide a safe environment where every child can reach their potential academically, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.

We will provide an individual learning journey for each child so all children experience a measure of success and real progress.
We aim to encourage the partnership between home and school where parents take an active part in their child’s education.

Every child is valued and made aware that they have the potential to make a positive contribution to school. The culmination of their school journey is that our children have a feeling of self worth and confidence to make the next step in their education.

We teach the children honesty, compassion, tolerance and respect for all people, things and places in order to understand their responsibility as part of a global community.

We have a broad based curriculum which covers all the subjects included in the Primary School curriculum in areas of activity and learning.

Through this the children learn how to observe, question, hypothesise and solve problems.

Through the curriculum, in its broadest sense, we try to provide a framework from which all aspects of the school community develop. 

We are committed to:


We aim to provide the following:

Supervised Education

At all times pupils will be taught by a teacher and apart from lesson changeovers a qualified teacher will always be present. In Foundation we use qualified Nursery Nurses to support the teacher.