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Computing at Netherleigh and Rossefield School



ICT (Information Communication Technology) has now been replaced by a new computing National Curriculum as from September 2014. Computing is now compulsory in England for all KS1 and KS2 students.

This will cause problems for many schools but here at Netherleigh & Rossefield we have a very experienced specialist ICT teacher who has 20+ years senior school teaching. Eleven years as Head of ICT at Fulneck Senior School before moving to Netherleigh & Rossefield to implement the new curriculum.

All lessons have no more than 10 students at one time giving the teacher time to spend with individuals. Each student has their own computer as there is no need to share. ICT at Netherleigh and Rossefield School

Key Stage 1

Students are taught the basic skills of using the computer. To do this we cover topics such as:


Key Stage 2

Students are now introduced to more “specialist” types of software. They are also expected to work more independently and solve problems by themselves. I also like to see them grow in confidence enough to advise and help others students without me having to ask them to do so.

Computing Department Netherleigh and Rossefield School


ComputingTwo students are deciding how to build the correct code for an animation where two or more objects are moving at the same time.

They are using a piece of software called Alice, which is a 3D programing software.

They also use Scratch which is a 2D graphical programming language and is the software that a large bank is currently stating it will teach if you go to them. Children don't need to go to a bank to learn this. They simply need to go to a school like Netherleigh and Rossefield.

We also teach Greenfoot, Python and Win Logo.


Having taught KS3, 4 and 5 for many years my aim for our students is to leave our school very confident and competent in the use of ICT / Computing so they move into KS3 with no problems and actually impress their next ICT / Computing teacher with the knowledge and confidence they have.

PDF New Computing National Curriculum September 2014.