Netherleigh and Rossefield School

Foundation Classes



Our children are welcomed by staff who encourage choice and interaction with resourses, activities and events within the setting.

Corbett Corbett  

Children’s interests and development are underpinned by close observations and linked to steps in the document ‘Development Matters’.

Profiles are shared regularly with parents and key workers.

Parents are given a two year progress summary of how their child is progressing against the three prime areas of learning:

More information on theses areas can be found at

Mrs K Trybula (Class Teacher)

Mrs C Serrant (EY Practitioner)


In Hockney class we aim to help children to promote and have a sense of their own independence.

We do this by encouraging children to take charge of their own toileting needs, putting their own coats on and general self care.

We promote all areas of learning both through structured activities and play.

In order to support the children’s transition between classes in school we take part in whole school activities and events, this therefore helps them to gain an understanding of whole school boundaries and what is expected.

Hockney Hockney Hockney

Miss L Partington (Class Teacher)

Miss K Briggs (EY Practitioner)

Mrs J Clough (EY Practitioner)


In Bronte class we encourage children to take ownership of their own work and aim to ensure children become independent.

Bronte Bronte Bronte

We do structured literacy, phonics and Numeracy lessons and a variety of free play based learning is avaliable.

With the EYFS framework each child has an individual profile to track their learning.

Students are provide with resources which stimulate child oriented play, using children's observations to foccus on their interests.

Reading is developed through the letters and sounds scheme.

We also have gym sessions with our school gym teacher.


Miss Hulme (Class Teacher) Mrs Joseph (EY Practitioner)


In reception we place an emphasis on creating a caring, fun-filled and stimulating environment that will encourage every child to investigate and learn about the world they live in.

The children enjoy many new and wonderful experiences from day to day. We plan a broad curriculum of activities linked to topics that interest young children and provide many opportunities to learn.

Delius Delius

The aim is to underpin future learning by supporting, fostering, promoting and developing pupils learning.

The objectives are that each child will:

Mrs Springer (Class Teacher) Mr C Smith (EY Practitioner)