Netherleigh and Rossefield School

Foundation Introduction


Welcome to Netherleigh and Rossefeild School Foundation stage.


EY Head Miss L. Partington,

Corbett: K.Trybula (teacher, E.Y.SEN) C.Serrant (EY Practitioner E.Y.SEN)
Hockney: Miss L. Partington (teacher)    Miss Briggs (EY Practitioner) Mrs.J. Clough (EY Practitioner)
Bronte: Miss C.Hulme (teacher)    Miss H.Mosley (EY Practitioner)
Delius: Mrs J. Springer (teacher) Mrs S. Bibi (EY Practitioner)

At Netherleigh and Rossefield School Foundation Stage, we work as a team to support and develop your child’s learning.

Children will follow the EYFS curriculum, both indoors and outdoors. Young children learn through purposeful play. The activities are planned with this in mind, with structured sessions and opportunities for the children themselves to develop activities.

We feel it is important that children have input into their learning. This means that the children’s interest is followed, and they are then eager to learn. Parents can contribute by speaking to staff. Parents can also help by bringing in items from home linked to each topic.

There are ‘continuous provision’ activities in all areas of learning within the setting.

Adults provide the ‘enhanced provision’ and ‘focused tasks’.

Enhanced provision: Introducing new ideas and resources, modelling possibilities, and providing time for exploration.

Focused Task:  Leading discussion, shaping ideas, direct teaching of concepts, skills and knowledge.

Continuous Provision: Adults  play alongside children to observe, identify learning, respond to them, and suggest ideas.
Children learn in both the indoor and outdoor environments.  Opportunities are given to explore, investigate and reflect upon all activities undertaken.

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