Netherleigh and Rossefield School

Netherleigh And Rossefield Library


Our school library is enjoyed by the three top classes – Peel, Cartwright and Titus on a Thursday afternoon.  Each class is divided into two and each group spends 20 minutes browsing the books and eventually selecting a book of their choice.

If time allows, our librarian, Mrs Berry, reads a story to the younger children and for the older classes a passage is selected from various books to read, which will wet the children’s appetite to find and borrow the book at a later date.


If a child forgets to return the book or hasn’t finished reading it, a library task or quiz is given so the child is more focused when browsing in the library and they can answer the questions or draw a picture from one of the books relating to the question.

Our pupils can reserve a book which is kept for them specially when it is returned to the library from another pupil.

Pupils are encouraged to ask questions and help is given in selecting a book of their choice.