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June 2017 ISI Report

Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report

2013 Inspection Report.

Summary of pupil performance data (2016-17 Academic Year)

Year Group

Reading average
(PIRA Tests) June 2017

Maths average
(PUMA Tests) June 2017

Year 1 118.6 109.2
Year 2 110.2 101.2
Year 3 116.1 119.7
Year 4 100.1 106.9
Year 5 108.4 108.9
Year 6 115.3 116.1

NB The national average for these standardised scores is exactly 100. An average score above 100 indicates that the class overall are working above age related expectations in that subject. An average score above 110 indicates that the class overall are working significantly above age related expectations in that subject.


Applying for secondary school

If you are starting to look for possible upper schools for your child the links below will be of great help.

A guide for parents

Applying for secondary school


The Nelson Scholarship

In memory of Mr Peter and Mrs Olive Nelson who previously ran the school for over 20 years, school awards a scholarship for a child entering Year 3 – the start of Key Stage 2. This scholarship is supported by the family of Mr and Mrs Nelson.

The Scholarship is open to any child in this age group not currently a pupil at the school. The children are invited to take an assessment test in Maths and English on a Saturday morning in June. The Scholarship is then awarded to the child with the highest combined marks in both subjects.

The Scholarship covers all academic fees for the child until the end of Year 6 – the total value is approximately £25,000.00. (It does not cover swimming, lunches, milk, fruit or school trips).


The Webb Bursary

Mr and Mrs Webb ran Netherleigh and Rossefield School prior to Mr and Mrs Nelson (Mrs Nelson and Mrs Webb were sisters).

Following their retirement from school Mr and Mrs Webb moved to start a new life on the South coast where unfortunately, in tragic circumstances, they died shortly afterwards.

The Webb Bursary is offered to the child within Netherleigh and Rossefield school, of Year 2 age, who gains the highest marks in the Key Stage 2 SAT’s tests at the end of that academic year. Al the children of this age are automatically considered for this Bursary.

The Bursary covers half the fees for that pupil including swimming, lunches, milk and fruit until they reach the end of year 6, this makes the total value of the Bursary approximately £15,000.00.