Netherleigh and Rossefield School

Netherleigh And Rossefield Staff Page


Use of Staff

Consideration is given to:

Class teachers are supported in a number of ways to teach the curriculum

In years 2, 3 and 4 the form teacher provides most of the form’s teaching and all Maths and English sessions are undertaken by the form teacher.

A music specialist teaches music throughout the school
A specialist ICT teacher teaches year 1 upwards
A language specialist teaches French to form 2 upwards
A peripatetic gym teacher teaches all classes from Reception upwards

Staff Structure  
Headmaster Mr R McIntosh
Assistant Head Miss L Partington
Assistant Head Mr R Maddra
Administrator Mrs S Qureshi
KS2 Staff  
Teachers: Mr R Maddra
  Miss S Cripps
KS1 Staff  
Teachers: Mr A Silson
  Mrs B Morrell
Classroom Assistant Miss N Shibboo
Early Years/Foundation Stage
Teachers: Mrs J Springer
  Mrs K Trybula
  Miss C Hulme
Early Years Practitioners: Miss L Partington
  Miss K Briggs
  Miss C Serrant
  Miss S Bibi
  Mrs H Joseph
  Mrs J Clough
  Mr C Smith
SEN for Early Years: Mrs K Trybula

Specialist Teachers

French: Mrs C Berry
SEN: Mrs A Butt
Computing: Mr C Hewitt
Music: Miss L Riley
Gym: Mrs R Ellen